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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Real Men Don't Mate Metal

Hey, I'm a liberal kinda guy. I have sexual proclivities... that are really none of your business. I try not to judge. But guys that would prefer gleaming chrome over glistening flesh - of whatever sex - within their own species - have been sitting behind a keyboard for too long.

I thought women as sex objects was a Playboy (magazine) mentality thing that went out with mood rings. I thought we had grown and matured. Still, we get 'The Top Ten Sexiest Female Robots' as if what a man really wants is a mindless sex machine that will comply with his every desire. Heck. We already have that. We have real live women and if a woman loves you, she will give you whatever you want - and it would be a good idea to return the favor. But, hey, we're talkin' adolescent fantasy here. Too bad the fantasizers are old enough to vote.


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